Coconut Range
half coconut candle

This unique candle holder shaped in the form of a coconut brings an eco-friendly feel to your surroundings. Calming and pleasing on the eye, these candles are ideal for simple decor ideas or gift giving.
frangipani candle in coconut shell

A single Frangipani candle centres a polished Coconut shell. This unusual piece can sit individually or in a group and still look striking in any interior; creating its own ambiance..
frangipani candle in a lotus shape coconut shell

Hand cut individually, these beautiful Lotus shaped coconut shells hold single Frangipani candles on a stand. Leave it standing or floating, these candles are a beauty to behold..
coconut shell candle

Inspired of tradition and local Lankan culture, this polished coconut shell candle nestles on Coconut husk.
coconut frame
3 x 3
3.5 x 5
4 x 6
5 x 7
Freeze a precious moment and frame it in this handmade coconut frame. Square cut coconut shells are placed along the border of the frame to accentuate all your precious moments in life..
three frangipani candles in a coconut wood tray

Add a touch of serenity to your living spaces with this beautiful coconut wood tray that features three Frangipani candles. Each candle lights up a beautiful scent and refreshes your mind, body and soul.