Sea Shell and Sand Range
sea shall with sand note holder
Sea Shells adorn this square note holder. Hand picked and handmade, this range of Sea Shells and Sea Sand will take your breath away..
sea shell with sand candle

This intricate candle stand uses Sea Shells and Sea Sand to create a beautiful pattern on a glass candle holder. Light up the scented candle and you can almost hear the ocean call out to you..
sea shell with sand frame
3 x 3
3.5 x 5
4 x 6
5 x 7
Elegant and Pretty.. This beautiful photo frame uses colourful Sea Shells and Sand to recreate a beautiful ocean inspiration around the borders of this rectangular photo frame.
sea shell with sand pencil holder

Beautiful coloured Sea Shells are the main focus in this range. Combined with Sea sand, skillful hands decorate and assemble large and mini Sea Shells on this attractive pencil holder.
sea shell with sand tea light candle holder

This range takes inspiration from the ocean as it uses Sea Shells and Sand to decorate. This intricate Tea Light Candle Holder creates quite an impression..